We are passionate about film, photography and graphic design, and it is this shared passion that has caused us to work together for several years on the implementation of films and other assignments. The main area of ​​our activity is currently filming and photography of wedding ceremonies. We have already made about 50 wedding films, each treating them as an individual work, so as to create an unforgettable souvenir for each young couple. During the joint years of work, we have gained relevant experience and the right set of equipment for professional film production and photographic reportage. Therefore, we provide high image and sound quality, as seen in our films, as well as a modern approach to film editing and adaptation to the needs of our clients. Remember that cooperation with you on such an important day is also very special for us.

1. Attractive packages for every budget.

As part of our services we have offers at various prices. It is only up to you which offer you choose. The cheapest packages include, for example, a wedding movie – a basic package, in which we film a wedding and reception with 1 camera. However, if you decide on a package containing 2 or even 3 cameras with full equipment and an additional wedding outdoor, we recommend slightly more expensive offers, which, however, will allow you to get an even more sensational film, e.g. standard or premium offer. The situation is similar in the context of our offers for photography or other services.

2. High-end equipment, providing beautiful picture and crystal-clear sound.

To record movies we use professional Blackmagic and Canon cameras such as: Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Canon 5dMarkII, Canon XHA1s. To take pictures we use Canon 5dMarkII full frame camera. We have a set of professional lenses for filming and photography from wide to narrow. With this set, we can film in a variety of conditions, and the films made arouse admiration both in terms of color and detail of the image. We record movies in fullHD quality. Depending on the order, we also offer filming in RAW format. We use an external sound recorder, such as ZOOM H4n, to record sound, which ensures consistent and much better sound quality than the microphones in the cameras. To make the image stable we use standing and shoulder tripods. To make the image dynamic we use e.g. a slider (rail) or gimbal. In the case of a very dark wedding hall, we use a set of lighting lamps. We also offer shots from a camera tap – a camera lift from 3.5-7.0 m, used for smooth up-down, down-up and side ramps (if the dimensions of the wedding hall allow it).

3. Experience and relevant technical knowledge.

We have been on the market for several years. Before we started our activity, we gained appropriate technical knowledge, which we then practiced by making films and photos for our own needs. During our several years of work, we have gained considerable experience, making about 50 wedding and wedding films and taking thousands of photographs, each time adapting to the requirements of our clients. Thanks to the films and photos we have made, we are already a company valued not only in the Tri-City, but in the entire Pomeranian Voivodeship. We also have permission from the Curia to film during Holy Mass. in churches.

4. Creativity, precision and a sense of aesthetics.

We are creative, we edit films in a modern or traditional way. We leave you the choice of film editing typology, so that the final assembled film was exactly what you expected from the beginning. We suggest, therefore, traditional or modern film editing. Traditional editing is a typical reportage from the ceremony chronologically showing its entire course, and so all the important moments from the preparations at the home of the Bride and Groom, to the wedding and wedding party, the whole does not exceed 120-130 minutes. Modern film montage means all the most important moments gathered together and the most beautiful shots selected, the whole does not exceed 60-70 minutes, thanks to which the film is usually more dynamic. In both cases, at the end of the film, we create an approximately 5-minute shortcut from the entire ceremony with music.

5. Flexible and open to new ideas and challenges.

We adapt to the requirements of our clients and try to meet all your expectations. We are happy to meet you to thoroughly discuss all the details and answer all doubts and questions. We are open to new ideas and challenges. When editing the film, we use soundtracks that you also suggested.

6. Discreet and invisible.

When performing our services, e.g. during weddings, Holy Communion, Confirmation or company meetings, we try to be discreet and as visible as possible. During the event / party, we try to make some guests feel not tense with our continuous filming. Whenever possible, we take breaks in filming for those who avoid cameras, or use lenses that can film them from afar when they don’t expect anything. During all the celebrations we work at, we are elegantly dressed, as befits a place.

7. Punctual and reliable.

We will ensure the security of your film – as one of the few cameramen and photographers, we have additional equipment in the event of a breakdown or unfortunate destruction of it during the taking of a photo or film. In the event of an accident of a random operator, we provide a replacement for another cameraman and we never give up the tasks entrusted to us. Despite the fact that similar situations have never happened to us, we try to be protected for every possible situation.

8. The most important is customer satisfaction.

At all stages – working on the concept, recording and post-production – we take care of artistic creation, aesthetics and professional performance of materials. We want the films presenting the most important moments in your life not to be forgotten, which are dusted somewhere on the shelves, and those that will stick in your memory, to which you will come back and watch them more than once in your life! And additionally recommend us to your friends.