Are you looking for a company that will create a logo design for you from scratch? You’ve come to the right place! For over 10 years, we have been creating graphic designs for companies in various industries. As a result, we have gained extensive experience and offer the assistance of professionals. Today, in this article, we will briefly discuss how to prepare for such a logo design project and how to get started.

Logo Design – Creating a Logo

Designing logos may seem very simple and quick, but nothing could be further from the truth. A properly created logo should be a company’s representation, associated with the brand, and sell itself. The logo we create will be used for an extended period and utilized in various materials, both in print and online. A logo must embody the company’s character, may include an appropriate emblem, carefully chosen colors, and the company name. It should not resemble another company’s logo but express our own identity. While many people consider logo design to be a simple and fast task, for us, it is decidedly a more complex subject, albeit a beautiful one.

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Logo Design for Companies

So, where do you begin the logo creation process? Let’s go through our guidelines.

  1. Product/Brand

Gather all the information about your company. What does your company do? What services does it offer? This is crucial because it gives you an idea of the direction in which to create the logo, what it should be associated with, and the story it should tell. The logo should be linked to the services you provide. Most logos are immediately associated with a company’s flagship product. Even larger brands have accents that immediately convey the nature of their services.

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  1. Target Audience

Another important aspect to consider is identifying your target audience. Who are you reaching out to or who do you want to reach? Will it be younger or older people, the less affluent or the wealthier, women or men? Tailor your logo and other graphic designs to cater to your target group. It will be easier to reach them if they identify with the project.

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  1. Company Name

The next step is your company name. While you can change your services and target audience, the company name is unlikely to undergo significant changes, even if your company undergoes rebranding in the future. Therefore, the name of your company is a crucial aspect before creating a logo. It should be associated with the services provided by your company and is perhaps the most critical element in building a brand.

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  1. Company Logo Design

Now, it’s time for the logo. We know what your company does, who your services target, we know who we want to reach, and we already have a name. Now, it’s time for the logo design. Just like the name, the logo must reflect your company’s character. It must be consistent with the overall brand image, tell a story, be easily memorable, and modern. Let’s not create logo designs that we will change shortly afterward. That’s unnecessary waste of time and money. Let’s create something exceptional right from the start.

By working with us, you will gain a unique design. We create individual and distinctive designs. We don’t copy projects, and we create each one from scratch. We have attached a link to our portfolio, where you can also find our logo designs – here.

projekt logo

  1. Color Scheme and Brand Book

After selecting a logo design, it’s time to match the color scheme and prepare a brand book. This way, we can utilize the chosen typography (fonts) or colors in graphic projects, websites, or social media from now on. This ensures consistency and appropriate marketing. Properly chosen colors will also make the difference between whether a client likes us or has negative associations. Therefore, the color scheme is another crucial element of the logo, as well as the overall visual identity of the company.

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