Our specialty is menu card design. We strive to capture the restaurant’s style, ambiance, and color scheme, as well as incorporate the season and tailor it to the menu content, dishes, and client’s requirements. Below, we present a few sample menu card designs and their covers, as well as some of our past projects for restaurants, pubs, and cafes in Poland and abroad.

projektowanie kart menu
projekt menu
projekt menu
projekty kart menu
karta menu
projekt menu
projekt karty menu

The beverage and menu card design was created for Tawerna w Sieciach in Świnoujście. You can find our graphics displayed there. The color scheme of the design is inspired by the interior of the tavern, creating a beautiful atmosphere in a unique location.

Przykładowa karta menu - wizualizacja karty menu

Sample menu card – visualization of a menu card. The menu card is in the shape of a square, perfectly suited for a beach bar, beachfront restaurant, or café where we can sit and enjoy the sunset while feeling the sea breeze.

Sample menu card design for a restaurant located by the sea. The color scheme reflects the colors of the restaurant, while seagulls convey the message of being right by the sea, where you can hear the sound of waves and birds singing. At the bottom, there is a drawing that needs no translation – a turbulent sea, a lighthouse, and a fishing boat.

Card menu design

The idea behind creating this restaurant menu card design was to use a light color scheme. However, it eventually took a different direction and resulted in a very interesting effect. It appears dark, yet remains readable and clear. Although it’s a pizzeria, it also offers other dishes.


The first project is an inspiring brochure created for Hotel St. Bruno, located in the heart of the Mazurian countryside, away from the urban smog. The second project is a breakfast insert designed for Ugnies Smukle restaurant in Vilnius. The restaurant offers a fusion of traditional Lithuanian and Caucasian cuisine. The third project is a visualization for a hotel that combines the colors of green, representing cleanliness and health, with a touch of white for beauty, and navy blue for conferences.

If you have any questions regarding the creation of menu cards or other projects, or if you would like to know details about collaboration, pricing, or project timelines, we encourage you to contact us via email at biuro@studioalladyn.pl or by phone at +48 511 601 005. We would be happy to answer your inquiries.

Card menu project

Menu card designs are the showcase of your restaurant. Therefore, it is important that they are not only visually appealing but also include the essential elements. When designing menu cards, you should start by determining the menu content and consulting it with your chef. Then, you can send us the finalized content. This allows us to choose the appropriate format and design the menu card accordingly. Menu card designs are a crucial element of any good restaurant. Check out our portfolio.