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A restaurant menu design is not just a list of dishes but also a showcase of your establishment. It’s one of the most important elements of your venue. Therefore, ensure that it captures attention, is readable, and keeps guests engaged.

Restaurant Menu Design

So, where should you start when creating a menu card? The menu should align with your establishment. Let it reflect the interior and architecture of the restaurant. Let it tell a story. It could be something interesting about the place, its strengths, a remarkable history, or even a person. It shouldn’t merely be a list of dishes; it should be inspiring. Today, menus often include intriguing information or perhaps even puzzles.

projekt menu

Clarity is essential. Remember, guests dislike spending too much time searching or deciding. They prefer finding something quickly for themselves. Properly categorize dishes into appetizers, soups, or main courses. Don’t create a huge book that’s hard to navigate. Guests want to eat, not read a novel. They can do that at home.

projekt menu

Stand out amidst the competition and be remembered. Positively.

Menu Card Design

For many years, we’ve been involved in creating graphic designs, including menu card designs. So, if you need support in this area, get in touch with us – we’d be happy to create something beautiful. Also, check out our portfolio – here.

projekt menu

In addition to designs, we also handle printing through our affiliated printers. We offer a range of options regarding format and material type. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about selecting the right paper. We design both single-sided and double-sided menu cards, in A3 size or folded/stitched formats. We arrange prints on synaps, or in casings. It all depends on the quantity of menus and the restaurant’s needs. Don’t hesitate, and reach out to our graphic design specialists. Let your menu be different and more intriguing than the competition.

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