We have an interesting puzzle for you today. The topic appeared online a long time ago, but we decided to refresh it a bit and present you with a dress and shoes. Some people see a black and blue dress, while others see a white and gold dress. Some see pink and white shoes, while others see gray and mint shoes. So, what color are the clothes, and why do some people see them in one set of colors and others in different ones? Write in the comments what you see!

We wouldn’t present you with this puzzle if it weren’t for the fact that we work with graphics every day and often struggle with colors in CMYK, RGB, or Pantone. Where blue can differ from blue. The color blue on one screen may not be the same blue on another. That’s why we also wanted to show you what our eyes are capable of. It’s worth confronting it within your own family.


studio alladyn
studio alladyn

Is it a black and blue dress or a white and gold dress? What colors do you see?

This photo divided thousands of internet users shortly after it was published on Twitter. Some people see the dress as black and blue stripes, while others see something completely different, like white and gold. However, it also happens that there are those who see the dress differently at different times or even in a color somewhere in between. And here comes the first question: is it the monitor’s fault? Different photos? Some kind of magic? Is someone joking? No.



To answer the question of why we see the dress and shoes in different colors, the phenomenon is called color adaptation or color constancy. Our brain has learned that the same color can look completely different under different lighting conditions. For example, a white piece of paper on a sunny day will appear white with a hint of blue. In green light, it will appear green. But when we hold it in our hands, we will say that it is white.

Are the shoes gray and mint or pink and white? What colors do you see?



It is much more difficult when we mix colors. What color will a blue dress appear when illuminated with red light? What about a pink dress illuminated with green light? Our brain tries to recreate the original color, but it needs the illuminating color to do so. With the dress and shoes, we don’t know the light that is falling on them. Some people judge that the dress is illuminated by sunlight (white and gold dress), while others think it’s illuminated by incandescent light and see it as a black and blue dress.

Colors of the dress – how we see it.

This is how the same dress looks to different people. Some see it as on the left, others as on the right, and many also see it as in the middle.

What color is the dress in reality?

In reality, the dress looks like this. It is black and blue.


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