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For several years, we have been engaged in logo design. Designing company logos is one of the main activities of our firm. Today, in a few words, we’ll discuss what is worth remembering when creating a logo and what to pay attention to. We also invite you to contact us at:

Logo Projects – Logo Designs

Extremely important when creating logo projects is the development and consideration of the name, color scheme, target audience, and the services we offer. The logo must be directed at a specific audience – a hairdresser’s logo will relate to hairdressing, a gym’s logo to sports, and a construction company’s logo to construction services. In short, the logo should align with the core business. Only larger companies can afford logos that do not directly relate to their services or products, thanks to the financial resources they can allocate to advertising.

What to remember when creating a logo?

Another crucial element is the appropriate name. We want to stand out from the competition, but also not deviate too far from the services we provide. Stay current. Avoid doing something that is no longer in trend. The same applies to color scheme. Ensure that it’s positive and attention-grabbing, unless you’re creating a logo for funeral services. In that case, black is perfect.

If you’re seeking support in logo creation, we invite you to get in touch with us. We’re eager to take on the challenge and create a unique graphic design for you. Logo projects and menu card designs are our specialty.

projekt logo

Company Logo Projects

We design not only logos for companies, but much more. Among our projects, you’ll find business cards, flyers, menu card designs, banners, and much more. Check out our portfolio – here.

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