We produce films, as well as photography, capturing the most beautiful moments for years. In addition to traditional – wedding ceremonies and weddings – we record and photograph other family celebrations, communions, baptisms, as well as concerts and company events.

We use professional HD cameras, a set of tripods, lamps, microphones, a professional recorder ensuring the highest quality sound throughout the event. We approach each individually. Satisfaction counts for us. We offer the possibility of recording events from two cameras, so that no emotions accompanying such important moments of life will not escape, and the film will become more attractive.



We also deal with graphic design and marketing – we like challenges. For many years, we have been designing advertising, business cards, banners, leaflets, stands and menu cards. Processing, processing, computer and clicking is something we love and know about. We encourage you to contact us.

We offer attractive packages for every budget. We have high-class equipment, providing a beautiful picture and crystal sound. We assemble films in a modern or traditional way. We are flexible and discreet and reliable during work.

Studio Alladyn is a reliable company dealing in wedding video recording, wedding photography as well as design and implementation of graphic projects. Our main area of ​​activity is the Pomeranian Voivodeship, the Tri-City, the Hel Peninsula, Władysławowo, Reda and Wejherowo. We love to stop time and capture the most beautiful moments from weddings, weddings and other family celebrations. Tricity wedding cameraman. If you’re looking for a good, professional cameraman or photographer at the right price, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us and write or call – what interests you. A wedding is the most beautiful moment in life for two people and it is important that this moment lasts as long as possible. That’s why Studio Alladyn was created. To give joy to this most beautiful day long after its end. Because the path of love and happiness does not end with a wedding or a wedding – it is just beginning. It is important to choose the right company – cameraman or photographer.

A perfect wedding or reception is the right choice of companies and colleagues. It sounds quite business-like, but for each of the companies a wedding is a business and either it will do it professionally or instead of relieving us – it will add even more work. Therefore, an important choice is the right cameraman, photographer or just a company or advertising agency that will create wedding invitations, business cards, vignettes, wine boxes for parents or witnesses and much more.

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